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As well as being a technologist I am a security industry analyst contributing research into commercial organisations (former Gartner CTO and staffer but working with 451, Forrester and Redmonk) and government bodies alike. Since 2003 I have also been a print journalist and am a proud card carrying member of the NUJ both writing and recording content, so here are a few of the 740+ articles I’ve had published since 2000. If you’re interested in the podcasts, scroll down the page to subscribe or listen to that audio content.


Why integration is key to effective security change 

The Equifax Example – Bridging the Gap

The Importance of Collaborative Efforts in Cybersecurity

Are Security Operations the Weak Link in the DevOps Chain ?

A Chat with the UK’s Cyber Envoy to the US Government (with podcast)

Talking to Raj Samani, Chief Scientist at McAfee (with podcast)

RSA Congress invades San Francisco (again) 

How Talk Talk turned a crisis into a PR disaster

Major web security company sought to conceal compromised servers

Containers create potential minefield for CISOs

Why Sony needs to share responsibility with it’s hackers

Clarifying mysteries of the Cloud 

Does Open Source empower Open Cloud ?

I used to have that on vinyl

The Glue That Binds Us

Cloud 2.0 – Pinning The Tail on the donkey

Docker – Putting the Docker CISO in a headlock

BrightTalk session available to stream – The Future of Cloud Security

BrightTalk session available to stream – The New Targets and Technologies

A Brief History of Open Source

Red Hat embraces CentOS – (includes my podcast in full with Karanbir Singh)

There are over 80 hours of radio ready to stream or download via iTunes or your podcast client of choice or by selecting the links below direct in your browser via Player.fm. My work is also syndicated by Microsoft, Stitcher, TuneIn, Chrysler In Car Radio across North America.

I talk to some of the leading folk globally in security ranging from CISO’s of leading brands through to the developers of technology we use daily. The back catalogue dating back to 2012 generates downloads of over 150k listens per month, every month eating over 60Gb of bandwidth a month which proves how busy it is.

Locked Down – Red Hat security radio – hosted and produced by Richard Morrell

Cloud Evangelist Podcast – produced, edited and presented by Richard Morrell

The Security Bod Podcast – recorded, edited and broadcast by Richard Morrell

My Wife and I have a tongue in cheek non technical podcast broadcast from the UK every Sunday evening that is entirely nothing whatsoever to do with security or technology. It’s amusing and well followed with over 100k listeners every week across territories worldwide. It keeps folk amused and is a great way to delve into the life of a Linux widow ! You can tune into the show Not Quite The Afterglow by clicking this link or subscribing via iTunes.


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