We all fundamentally belong, but where ?

As the world has watched the constant news emerging from Washington DC since President Donald.J.Trump took office this month, with mouths wide open, fists mutually shaking at television screens agog at the picture that is being painted. As a parent, as a traveller, as a global resident of this lump of iron hurtling through space you feel utterly helpless to comprehend the behaviour of the minority with the power that has, in such a small period of time, caused anxiety and distress to so many with so little thought.

In countries, towns and cities globally we see people merging en masse in one spirited voice of reactionary fury and indignation faster than at any time I can remember in my lifetime against any one cause. Even stop the war protests were not this vocal or attended in such numbers.

We know it will change nothing. The new US administration is determined and beyond influence. The BREXIT movement in the UK born out of frustration with the upper classes and the way that the Conservative governments have caused hardshp. Continued poor economic planning and the removal of rights and benefits from those most in need, combined with a xenophobic and often entirely wholly racist viewpoint from those in the 50+ age group. Remember the healthy percentage of pensioners and people in tail end of their working lives in working class areas (often in the 70+ age group) determined to rid Britain of immigrants “stealing our jobs and our houses” because that’s the truth of it. Older visibly racist people tipped the balance. Old racist people who don’t work and are often baby boomers enjoying a lifestyle many 20 something working folk will never have. A future denied to them by old racist people who were enough in volume to add the 5-6% needed to push for an EU exit without realising it screws them first. Nobody said they were bright.

The same can be said for US voters who voted for Trump many of whom in Bumblefuck Ohio will be rednecks who were racist about the election of Obama in 2008 and who think Mexicans stole their jobs. Jobs replaced by automation and Chinese manufacturing, not Mexicans.

We live in an age where the Internet we created hasn’t yet worked out how to educate capable people who don’t want to listen.

So now, the intelligent folk who have no voice (removed by the people who don’t care and don’t usually vote) march.

There is an irony somewhere.

For now, love your neighbour, there are people out there you’ve never met who need your help and your friendship.

I’ve cancelled two US trips because right now I have no intention of spending my money in a country run by an idiot where there is uncertainty and fear. I love America and so many of the people I love are in America. They have my support and my appreciation, these are uncertain times and we’re governed by people who don’t have our respect or our trust.

I carry a press card. It used to give me freedom of expression and travel. In Europe and most civilised parts of the world outside the Middle East it does, I never thought I’d see a situation where I’d worry about carrying it in the United States.