The best security podcast – ever

Recently I quit Red Hat’s security team and although it was tough to do it was made so much easier by the fact that although I left I remained daily friends and comrades with Josh Bressers who heads up the product security side of RHEL.

Josh has a podcast (after appearing on mine) and I’ve been subscribed since Episode 1, the show is co presented with Kurt┬áSeifried another Red Hatter. Kurt resides in Canada and he and I are both permanent staffers on the Cloud Security Alliance.

The podcast is recorded remotely and does not suffer the issues 95% of remote podcasts have with Skype or dumb lazy mixing, you’d never know these two are not in the same room. Audacity FTW. Who needs proprietary software ?

Josh is now following me out the door at Red Hat to pastures new and our world continues to turn with no change at all and the podcast I hope will also continue because for me it’s an hour of my week where two of my two favourite people talk to me in my car.

It’s been funny because when I was at Red Hat Josh and I had a weekly video conference and recently after leaving Josh kicked it back off because we talk anyway almost every day anyway and I’m so glad he is in my life. When we first met we did NOT get on. I have no idea why, but we just didn’t gel. Now… I can’t imagine a time when this erudite, amusing, guy, bright as a button is not in my daily life – he’s become my sounding board.

So get your ass over to Soundcloud or their website and subscribe/follow. Also listed on all your favourite podcast search engines.

Here is the latest episode if you needed proof.