The Author

My name is Richard Morrell. I am a technologist living in Bath in the United Kingdom. I’m better known as the inventor of a few internet technologies that protect millions of folk and companies on the internet, podcast presenter, speaker, security guy, journalist and wannabee bass player. My day job I’m CTO of Gartner’s security practice and I’m a director of the Cloud Security Alliance. In my past I’m a twenty plus year stalwart of many Open Source companies most noticeably Red Hat, Linuxcare, VA Linux and Zimbra. If you want to know more Google is your friend.

I’m married to an an amazing woman and have two great sons, too many bass guitars and drumkits and a demented Patterdale Terrier.

I used to blog, a lot, nowadays I record podcasts and talk to techies all over the planet instead. If you want to know more Google or iTunes should assist your quest.